News Submission by Lavadome Records View this email in your browser HEAVING EARTH recording new album, drum footage online The Czech death metal commando Heaving Earth is in the process of recording new material for its sophomore album, a follow-up to 2010 debut album Diabolic Prophecies. The new, as of yet untitled, album consists of 8 songs and is to be released in Winter/Spring 2014 via Lavadome Records. Expect sophisticated yet extreme and unadulterated death metal. Below you can watch a teaser containing footage of the drummer, Jirka Zajic, recording new material. There are also samples of guitar tracks to be heard in the second part of the teaser. If you are not finished yet, you may listen to "Redemption Ablaze" EP, which was recorded in summer 2012, right before the band went on European tour alongside Marduk and Immolation. The EP contains two songs of the upcoming album and can be downloaded for free at following location: Last physical copies of the EP will be avalailable from Lavadome store ( in the upcoming days. Contacts: Share Tweet Forward to Friend Many thanks for sharing this news through your zine, web, social networks. Jan ~ Lavadome Copyright © 2013 Lavadome productions, All rights reserved. Metal Media - Newsletter Our mailing address is: Lavadome productions HV, Czech Republic HV 38491 Czech Republic Add us to your address book

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