ACACIA - Tills döden skiljer oss åt

This is to me a totally new experience or should I say journey?

The Swedish outfit Acacia delivers a somewhat different album from what we usually get here.
At first listen I thought that this was some boring ambient stuff who repeated itself over and over each track.
I was terribly wrong and I have to bow down for that mistake.

'Tills döden skiljer oss åt' is to me a beautiful peace of art and a journey through a dreamy landscape revealing itself more and more throughout the album.
It's impossible how to describe how the manage to blend in all the different elements in here without failing.
I mean there are male vocals here mostly clean ,but also growly and even screamy.
All this combined with some nicely done female vocals a lot of their lyrics is done in their native language which is Swedish.

The music has mostly a warm feel to it as the album starts out with acoustic guitars and piano which slowly builds up towards very atmoshpheric (death) metal and then slows down again .

Their use of synths is just excellent and makes their sound more complete I would say.

It's a very majestic album overall and you should listen to the whole album as one.
I could go on forever to describe it,but to keep it short I can say that you are in for a lot of surprises on this album.

If you like bands like My Dying Bride and similar acts this might be something for you.


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