LVCIFYRE: Svn Eater streaming in full at and Dark Descent Record present Svn Eater, the brand new full-length from London blackened death metal act LVCIFYRE, in its entirety. Follow the link below for the full-album stream of Svn Eater ahead of its January 21 release. 
Svn Eater is available on CD, red vinyl and black vinyl. Two different t-shirt designs are also being offered to commemorate the album's release. To order, visit

Check out the exclusive debut of Svn Eater at this location

Artwork for Svn Eater - pictured below - comes courtesy of Timo Ketola ( The album was recorded and mixed at Blackout Multimedia Studio in Belgium.

"With their 2nd full-length album, Svn Eater, England's Lvcifyre have sent a blistering statement in the form of 9 crushing death anthems, convoluted by a minor black metal atmosphere sonically and augmented further by a pure darkness and endlessly tormented intensity that laps at the heavens with vengeful flames." - Worm Gear 'Zine

"This might be the darkest, most oppressive piece of Death Metal barbarity to be unleashed upon this world in 2014!" - Voices from the Darkside 

LVCIFYRE is a flesh of Liberation in Honour of the Ancient...
T.Kaos - guitars/vocals
Menthor - drums and percussion
A. Dictator - guitar
Cultus - bass

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