Shadow Kingdom Records Releases Rare RUN AFTER TO Recordings

Shadow Kingdom Records has unearthed and released a collection of obscure and virtually unknown '80s Italian Doom Metal from RUN AFTER TO.
A split release entitled Run After To/Gjinn and Djinn that includes the band's lone 1988 self-titled EP and the 1985 Gjinn and Djinn demo is now available worldwide on digital and CD formats. The songs have been remastered and the CD package contains some amazing band photos and a complete biography.
With the strange name came some strange songs as well. These old dusty recordings are literally impossible to find except for a low quality upload on YouTube. Fans of old 80's Doom Metal like PAUL CHAIN VIOLET THEATRE, BLACK HOLE, and DEATH SS will absolutely love this package. Those not as familiar with Italian Doom Metal will have their interest piqued by comparisons to the likes of BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, CANDLEMASS and TROUBLE. RUN AFTER TO is one of those bands who has gone criminally unnoticed thanks to a career cut too short.  
Stream the album in full and purchase at

""If you are a fan of Trouble or Pentagram this little gem is for you." 9/10  
- This is not a Scene

"This is Proto Doom at its best containing the melodic edge of NWOBHM, whilst still dishing out punishingly heavy riffs."  - Temple of Perdition 

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