Svadilfare - Makt Til Uskyld (Review)

Label : Naturmacht Productions
Release date: October 25th, 2013

Ildsint : All instruments & Vocals.

<br />Svadilfare - Makt til uskyldI was excited about this album and how it would sound as I've heard one or two tracks form their 2012 album 'Den Som Herjer' before. So I had some expectations about this one.

'Makt Til Uskyld' which is their second full-lenght starts of very good with a calm athmospheric guitars and 'chanting' which sets the mood.
As the album spins you're in for some traditional norwegian pagan/black metal and the more I play it the more I like it.

The music is very atmospheric and melodic at times ,very enjoyable actually.
I also like the way they use the clean vocals it's nothing new but fits very well into the overall picture and I get the feeling that it's pagan metal at times, mainly due to the clean vocals. 

The harsh vocals varies a bit, on some tracks they are more high pitched like whilst on other they are more in the background. They fit the music pretty good.
I prefer the atmospheric mid-tempo over the fast tracks with thrash elements which I think they could have left out or done otherwise.
They are surely onto something here and there are some very good ideas here,just listen to 'Fossefall' which is a brilliant track and a good example of what this band is capable of. 
The unique thing about this album is the brilliant guitarwork and melodies that puts you in a state of mind which is impossible to explain further than going into a trance.

If I had to point out something it would be the drum sounds which is horrible at times,especially when the double bass kick are played they sound way too loud and like plastic this isn't on the whole album luckily, only on the 'thrash'.
But considering this is a relatively new band 'Makt Til Uskyld' is a good album ,a better production,especially the drums wouldn't hurt though. I think their music deserves it.

Svadilfare is a band I certainly will follow in the future 'cause this band sounds very promising in my ears and right now I enjoy this release as it grows for each listen,so my advice is that you listen to this album a few times 'cause it's a good album you don't want to miss!

Tracks to mention : Fossefall & Makt Til Uskyld

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