DESTROYING DIVINITY Sign With Lavadome; New Album Sample Unveiled

A pact between Czech Death Metal mongers DESTROYING DIVINITY and Lavadome has been sealed. DESTROYING DIVINITY shall release its new album "Hollow Dominion" in the first half of 2014 via Lavadome. A contemporary stab of classic, ancient Death Metal is to be expected.

As a pre-taste, the opening track of the album "Eternity Guardians" has been unveiled at this location:


'Eternity Guardians'
'Burning Divine Domination'
'Scent of Death'
'Empire of Emptiness'
'Suffering Redemption'
'Defleshed Skeleton'
'Sinful Omens'
'Inner Slavery'

Destroying Divinity is:
Erik - vocals
Gassi - guitar
Flagin - guitar
Ommurtag - drums


LAVADOME productions:

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