AMONG GODS Malstrøm‏ PRC MUSIC Release: 5 February 2014

AMONG GODS new single now available!

"MAELSTROM" taken from the upcoming 2nd album "MONUMENT" coming out in May on PRC MUSIC. Amongs Gods debut album was well recieved here so the expectation was big when I listened to their new single 'Maelstrøm' from their upcoming album 'Monumentum'.  The first thing I notice is that they have slowed down the tempo, at least on this track, but do not despair, they still deliver the good melodic death metal like we are used to.I would say they have taken a step forward and seems more secure to what they are doing on this release with very satisfying resultsThe band has grown more mature musically and it sounds like they are not afraid to experiment a little to take their music to another level.Right now we  enjoy this track until the release of 'Monumentum' witch is right around the corner.

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