Kaotoxin Records Releases Posthumous INSAIN EP Enlightening the Unknown

French metal juggernaut Kaotoxin Records has given worldwide release to Enlightening the Unknown from the recently disbanded butchers INSAIN.    

This chaotic and explosive swansong is a fitting end to a band whose career was cut short,  but impact is difficult to deny. The EP is available as a digital download and on limited edition (1,000 copies only with no repress) DigiSleeve CD.   

Stream and purchase Enlightening the Unknown at

Order INSAIN merch and the band's full-length debut, Spiritual Rebirth at

"Enlightening the Unknown is quite irresistible, a dangerously addictive venture which brings a sigh at the loss of a band once probably destined to be a giant of metal."
[10/10] - RingMaster Reviews

"This is an EP that will appeal to any metalhead that has an appetite for brutality and chaos. Insain, with this EP, seem to be saying that they would rather go out with a bang than any other way." - Axis of Metal


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