Blackrat - Whiskey and Blasphemy


Let's talk about Blackrat's debut album 'Whiskey and Blasphemy released by Xnihilo records 2013.This guys have obviously not understood what decade we live in, as the album reeks of the 80's all the way. Hey wait, I did not say it was a bad thing,did I?..
If you were into metal some decades ago you'll know what I mean when I say that this band uses fast aggressive vocals with delay, kinda like early Mayhem,Kreator,Sodom etc. 
Loud chaotic basslines,guitars and drums it's the 80's all over again, so I find myself thinking aren't there enough bands out there doing the same, the answer is yes, it seems like it has become pop to play 80's black/thrash metal.Most likely all these bands will jump off to the next thing that become pop.So I find myself thinking again (quite rare actually) this time about Blackrat ,the band I'm reviewing.Will they stand the fall of time or will they fall just in time? Hard question as I'm not capable of predicting the future but I can  continue to share my thoughts about it with you.
'Whiskey and Blasphemy is a rather short lasting album with eleven tracks rooted in early black & thrash metal and even some punk ,take Mayhem's Deathcrush' without the hi-pitched vocals to explain it simple.All of the tracks are relatively pretty short ,not one over 3 minutes, but it suits the music & album perfectly as longer tracks could easily become boring,so smart move there.
As for the music I have to say that I enjoy it even though there has been a lot bands jumping on this wagon lately, then again that is not Blackrat's fault.I find it very amusing and it's hard not to bang my head at times, they also manage to capture that 'evil' atmosphere I enjoyed so much while listening especially to Kreator & such bands.
Other tracks are more uplifting and more headbanger friendly, one thing they all have in common is the raw and primitive  riffs and structure.Overall a good album and definitely worth chekin' out ,especially if you like it the old fashioned way.

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