MONSTERWORKS: Universe Streaming in Full at Zero Tolerance

Universe, the latest offering of  brilliance from UK supermetal outfit MONSTERWORKS, is now streaming in its entirety at the online portal for Zero Tolerance Magazine. A full week ahead of its March 11 release date, the album that praises for being "a cosmic roller coaster ride of emotion, musical styles and psychedelic mind blasting" is now making the internet a better place for music fans at .

Last month, MONSTERWORKS released a music video for the track "Voyager." Footage for the video is taken from various documentaries about the Voyager space mission and the "grand tour" of our solar system undertaken by its two spacecraft. Voyager 1 is the furthest from Earth of the two probes and has now entered interstellar space. 
The video is now playing at this location

13.7 billion years in the making, Eat Lead and Die Music is pleased to announce the impending release of MONSTERWORKS' Universe on March 11, 2014. The album will be available as a download and special-edition, numbered digipak 5.1 surround mix on DVD signed by the band, with lyric booklet. 
 Read the complete set of lyrics from Universe at the link below. 
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"Universe is a basket of musical treats including psychedelic candy, melodic rock cookies and delicious slices of space metal. The heart of death and thrash beats strongly behind the compositions, but every track brings forth something startling and captivating."
- A Metal State of Mind

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