Necrodemon (US) Releases 'Rise Of The Supernatural'

I had almost forgot about Necrodemon (US) witch I discovered somewhere back in 06-07 ,
you could say they became an instant favourite band as I bought almost all of their releases back then. What caught my intention was the bands attitude both musically and as individuals.
Musically they lend towards olschool death metal influenced by early & ugly black/death metal acts from the 80's and possibly eraly 90's if you like.
They create an atmosphere witch is hard for me not to like as this was the type of music I grew up with and still love, all credits to bands like Necrodemon for staying true to themselves and fans releasing good albums and not giving a fuck about trends and other unimportant stuff..
Unfortunately I haven't heard 'Rise Of The Supernatural' witch is to be released this year.
After listening to the track 'The Terror Begins.. ' I'm pretty fuckin' convinced that this is a must have !!

NECRODEMON - Rise Of The Supernatural (2014)
* Release label: Reaper Records USA

                        Ripping black death all the way

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