Among Gods - Monumentum CD Review

Released on CD 27 May 2014 - PRC Music

Among Gods surprised me with their debut album which can be described as catchy and groovy death metal.
The main reason I enjoyed it was the atmosphere and groovy hard hitting tracks, not the typical death metal release of today which easily end up sounding like a gravemachine driving full speed all the way, but enough about the first one which you should be familiar with already!

Their second opus 'Monumentum' will surprise many in different ways I think.
Some will hate it whilst other embrace it.

Monumentum is to me a very good album in many ways, it's more confident and mature musically speaking and it's easy to hear that they have grown as musicians and songwriters.
This album is much more variated musicwise and have more slow doomy 'rock 'n roll' feeling to it but yet it's melodic and hard hitting so there is absolutely no reason to despair 'cause this album has pretty much everything a good (death) metal should.
It can also sound like they have taken a step towards the progressive without loosing their original touch.
Seems like they rather leave room for some slower great compositions and  good melodies, still there is harder parts on the album.
Well, nuff said.. Take a listen for yourselves.

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