Megiddon - Past,present & Future..

Megiddon is probably a new name to most of you, and it was for me to until I received their mcd 'Ov Decay' People into todays 'modern' black metal will probably have a lot of reasons to not like this at all. I mean the world has changed.. If you go to a party with what I'd call 'normal' people they put on K.I.N.G. by Satyricon and says this is it, but if I demand to hear Triptykon or the early Satyricon albums they are like 'whatta fuck is this depressive crap' ? Not knowing that it is the same musical style/band, ironically.

 What caught my interest in Megiddon was mainly they are not afraid to play straight forward primitive metal which is a chance to take in itself musically and while they could have gone for a more 'popular' sound or genre. This shows that they don't give a fuck, and do what they feel like, not what the masses want which is excactly what Skullfukker is all about too.

If you're not familiar with the band Megiddon it's all about cold,grim and primitive norwegian metal with many similarities to early nordic black metal. 

You've released two demos so far as I know, how has the response been and are you satisfied with the results?

We have released Three demos and one Ep actually. (Sorry, my mistake. Ed)
The response has been mixed. People either like it or hate it. Both is fine by us. 

I have to ask what made you play black metal, I mean,was 'cause you thought 'fuck, let's make it easy and play norwegian black metal 'cause then we're most likely to succeed ,or are there a 'deeper' agenda behind this? 

 We do not care about being successful. We wanted to play Black Metal because the atmosphere of the music really goes along with what we want to express. Its part of our personality I guess.

Your lyrics,are they important to you? Do you put a lot of effort into it as nobody can hear what you sing anyway so, What does your lyrics mostly deal with?

 Lyrics are important to us. We write about things that we live trough and things we believe in and stand for. We write mostly about death and things beyond. Dark lyrics which fits the music.

What does the future hold for Megiddon? I know you're not psychic ,but surely you must have some ideas,goals for the band.. 

 We are planning an Ep release this year, through German DIY label; No sleep till Megiddo records. Our goal is to create Black Metal as we want it. And not follow any trends.

Have you played live with Megiddon? What's the current line-up? 

 Megiddon is not a live band. We have no plans to play live in the nearest future. But if the opportunity comes and it feels right. You'll never know..

Are there any agendas behind Megiddon? (politics,religion etc.. ) 

Megiddon is something personal to us. Megiddon consists of Christian members but it is not a "Christian band". We leave religion and politics out of Megiddon. But of course our believes and thoughts shine through in what we do. (Uhm, what? Ed.)

Are any of the members active in other bands we might want to know about? For how long have you been into the scene?

  We both play in a thrash metal band called Cyanide. Which will be playing live in south-Norway this year. Megiddon started in late 2007, and we have both played in several other underground bands through the years.

Where do you see yourself in let's say 10 years, still active?

Yes. Hopefully we have released some killer albums!

If you had to describe your music to someone not familiar with it. Please enlighten us.

True Black Metal is something you have to train your ears to listen to. Like opera, to quote Mayhem. Megiddon can be described as extreme, dark and aggressive music. With a cold atmosphere

What bands do you listen to these days and if I ask you which bands you still think deliver good black metal ,could you name some?

A.Ø. - There are way to many bands I listen to on a regular basis to mention. But In general I listen to bands from the late 80s and early 90s. Especially Black Metal and Thrash Metal. All the Norwegiands BM bands. and Slayer, Sepultura etc. These days Throne of Katarsis and Koldbrann is some of my favorites. O.K.F. - I listen to most of the metal genres, but mostly the early Norwegian and Swedish black metal. Taake, Tsjuder and 1349 are some of the best black metal bands these days. And I am of course looking forward to the new Mayhem album. 

Thank you for taking time to answer the questions & good luck with the future!


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