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In august the FUNERAL WHORE / OBSCURE INFINITY - split 7"EP will be released via Final Gate Records.

FUNERAL WHORE: Oldschool Deathmetal from the Netherlands, their 2. full-length will be released 2014 on F.D.A. Rekotz,
2 brand new Songs on 7" Vinyl only!

OBSCURE INFINITY from Germany, also an F.D.A. Rekotz band, with one new song.

Other releases to check out :

Monolith / Germany with Doom-Rock 

Graveyard Ghoul/ Germany with raw Oldschool Death Metal 

Reckless Manslaughter / Germany with oldschool US Deathmetal alá Suffocation.....

The albums below are all available now -

MONOLITH "Dystopia" 
GRAVEYARD GHOUL "The Living Cemetery"
RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER - "Blast into Oblivion".

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