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OSLO – Mortiis will make a long-awaited return to the United States this fall as
 the band joins Mushroomhead for a month-long warm up tour in preparation for the release of The Great Deceiver.
"The idea of going back on the road fills me with a weird sense of excitement and dread,”
 said frontman and namesake Mortiis.
 “The Great Deceiver is not far away - at long last - and we´re getting back out there,
 brushing off the dust and rust, to get ready for that, and whatever lies beyond.”
The group, which hasn’t toured the American shores since a 2006 
trek with the Genitorturers and the 2005 Blackest of the Black tour, will preview material from the upcoming ninth album, as well as reaching back to favorites from the ensemble’s ever-evolving catalog of music.
The Great Deceiver, which has remained in a torturous state of constant evolution until just recently,
 led the band through the darkest of places and back.
The anger, frustration and disgust that permeate the record will be loud and clear in Mortiis’ hostile live performance.
“It´s been one hell of a steep climb to where we´re at right now,”
 Mortiis said, “and knowing me, I´ll step right off of that ledge,
 and plunge head first into the abyss."
This return stateside to present the new material live will be just a sign of things to come.

Dates are as follow:
October 3, 2015 Sat. Greencastle Picnic Grounds, Greencastle, PA
October 4, 2015 Sun. Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC
October 5, 2015 Mon. Ziggy's, Wilmington, NC
October 6, 2015 Tue. Dixie Roadhouse, Cape Coral, FL
October 7, 2015 Wed. Freebird Live, Jacksonville, FL
October 9, 2015 Fri. Venue 578, Orlando, FL
October 10, 2015 Sat. The Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
October 11, 2015 Sun. Club LA, Destin, FL
October 14, 2015 Wed. The Rail Club, Ft. Worth,TX
October 15, 2015 Thu. Dirty Dog Bar, Austin, TX
October 16, 2015 Fri. Jake's Backroom, Lubbock, TX
October 17, 2015 Sat. Venue 3405, Joplin, MO
October 19, 2015 Mon. The Granada, Lawrence, KS
October 20, 2015 Tue. POVS, Spring Lake Park, MN
October 21, 2015 Wed. Limelight, Peoria, IL
October 22, 2015 Thu. Austin's Libertyville, IL
October 23, 2015 Fri. Headliner's, Toledo, OH
October 24, 2015 Sat. Harpo's Concert Theatre, Detroit, MI
October 25, 2015 Sun. Diamond Pub & Billiards, Louisville, KY
October 26, 2015 Mon. Oddbody's Music Room, Dayton, OH
October 27, 2015 Tue. The Tree, Joliet, IL
October 29, 2015 Thu. The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI
October 30, 2015 Fri. Alrosa Villa, Columbus, OH
October 31, 2015 Sat. Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

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INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY's 'Subversions of the Pysche' Out Now on Grindethic Records

Subversions of the Psyche from Scottish brutal death unit INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY is out now on Grindethic Records. Order the album with extreme prejudice at is streaming album track  "Prey to the Agonies of Morbid Apprehension" at this location.  While you're at it, check out "Transient States of Metaphysical Revelation" here.
Three years removed from the release of the Compelled by Perverse Immorality EP, Iniquitous Savagery returns with eight tracks of ultra-violent and tech-laden brutality. On their first full-length outing, Iniquitous Savagery prove themselves to be a cut above the brutal death norm by forging memorable tunes out of rapid-fire blasts, crushing grooves and guttural intensity. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios, Subversions of the Psyche is easily one of the sickest UKDM albums in recent memory.

"This is the kind of grind that sucks you up and refuses to spin you out. So if you're looking for the heaviest and most fucked up shit around... well then this might be your best bet."
- Two Guys Metal Reviews

"This is raw, underground Brutal Death Metal that's just as comfortable grinding it out with a groovy riff as it is pounding along with blast beats."
-  Wonderbox Metal

In 2009 vocalist Josh Roberts and guitarist Joe Fleetwood had the idea of forming a Brutal Death Metal band. Over the course of the next couple of years they recruited Chris Ryan and Euan Harrison on bass and drums. The first recording was a three-track demo recorded by George Henry in Glasgow's Audio Lounge. The demo, Compelled by Perverse Immorality, was sent to Tom B of Grindethic Records for mixing and mastering. The demo impressed Tom enough to release it as an MCD and sign the band to Grindethic.
Since their live debut in 2011, the band has played various UK gigs and festivals across Europe, sharing bills with the likes of Defeated Sanity, Condemned, Cerebral Effusion, Putridity, Cerebral Bore, Napalm Death, Beheaded, Abysmal Torment, Internal Suffering, Iniquity and more. In September 2013, the band played a 17-day Southwest US tour alongside Psychiatric Regurgitation and Shawn Whitaker. Having released their first recording on GrindethicRecords, along with the "Propagating a Pestiferous Enmity" single, the band focused on writing and recording their debut album. In 2014, Iniquitous Savagery entered Germany's Soundlodge Studio to work with Jorg Uken [Defeated Sanity, Cerebral Effusion]. The album, Subversions of the Psyche, is due for release in September 2015.

Bury The Memory Release Brand New Single & Music Video

Bury The Memory Release Brand New Single & Music Video

UK post-hardcore outfit Bury The Memory have unveiled a brand new single and music video to go alongside it. Entitled 'Viewpoint' and recorded at Patron Sound with Elliot Middleton, this song serves merely as a taster of a forthcoming record slated for release late 2015 / early 2016.

Vocalist Mike Monaghan comments, "We filmed 'Viewpoint' with Zak Pinchin from the band In Archives and Zak Pinchin Media. We shot the video in Antwerp Mansion in Manchester which is used for music events, raves and club nights. We did not have a general direction in regards to the video initially, but we wanted it to be somewhat different from any other traditional metal band. Zak directed us, and we really enjoyed how it turned out."

"The song itself is a song we wrote about people who hang off over bands and try to become famous by copying them, rather than encouraging their own sound and influences. Furthermore, the song is about being inspired by close friends and family in being the best you can be, and being successful in whatever you choose to be."

Watch 'Viewpoint' Here!

Bury The Memory first broke onto the burgeoning UK post-hardcore scene with the release of their debut single 'Time To Rise' in 2014. Also recorded with Elliot Middleton from Patron Sound and with Kris Crummett (Alesana, The Story So Far, Issues) of Interlace Studios overseeing the final master, 'Time To Rise' platformed Bury The Memory into the furore as a serious contender within the genre. Defining their sound with a blend of melodic and metalcore influences the band have focused on roaring heavy vocals, melodic and punky tones taking influences from peers such as Heights, Underoath, Blood Youth, Deaf Havana and Casey.

Listen to 'Time To Rise' Here:

Enshine which was well recieved in SF last time is no about to release their 2'nd album.

Rain Without End Records
18 October 2015
The international death doom metal duo of Enshine comes forward with its second effort: A dreamy, melodic, deeply atmospheric 
and yet powerful masterpiece which continues the journey to new worlds of mind and space.
Format: Classic Jewelcase w. 12 p. Booklet | 4-Panel DigiPak (lim. to 200) w. 12 p. Booklet
1. Dual Existence
2. Adrift
3. Resurgence
4. In Our Mind
5. Astarium Pt. II
6. Echoes
7. Dreamtide
8. The Final Trance
9. Apex
Total playtime: 53:27

Important Links:
release page | artist page | video - 

GRAVE RITUAL Premieres New Song from "Morbid Throne"

GRAVE RITUAL Unleashes "Adversary Crown" via Decibel Magazine

Death metal heathens GRAVE RITUAL have partnered with Decibel Magazine for the worldwide exclusive premiere of "Adversary Crown," the first song to be unleashed off of the band's forthcoming new release, Morbid Throne

Get your daily dose of skull-crushing death metal at:

Five years removed from their acclaimed debut album, the maniacs of Grave Ritual have re-emerged from the crypt with Morbid Throne. The band's newest burnt offering delivers nine tracks of blasphemous, old-school death metal in the vein of Incantation, Death and Autopsy. Dark Descent Records will release Morbid Throne October 30 on CD, LP and digital formats. Cover art for the album was done by Daniel Desecrator.

Formed from the ashes of Alabama bred duo Meathole Infection in 2009, Grave Ritual's sole purpose is to create dark and primitive death metal. The band's self-titled demo was released in 2009. A year later, Dark Descent Records released Grave Ritual's first full-length album, Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death. Since the release of their debut album, Grave Ritual has focused on perfecting their devastating live assaults, sharing the stage with such bands as Proclamation, Revenge, Black Witchery, and Inquisition. They have played Rites of Darkness II and III, as well as several appearances at Destroying Texas Fest. The band is now stationed in New Orleans. Grave Ritual's highly-anticipated second full-length album, Morbid Throne, is set for release in late 2015 on Dark Descent records.

Morbid Throne track listing:
1. Baleful Aversion
2. Autonomous Death
3. Adversary Crown
4. Invoker of Heathen Gnosis
5. Tyrant's Hammer
6. Masters and Slaves
7. Lewd Perversities
8. Behind the Reigns of Gods
9. Throne of Continuum

Appartus (DE) - Appartus- Review & Info

This albun took be by surprise actually, a dark and moody album ,really dark at times with some rather not so common piano playing at times and other sick elements.
It's death metal we're dealing with even though I would say it's dark metal at times as it's kinda unusual for being a typical death metal album luckily, it hits hard form the very beginning and is quite suitable for a dark,rainy and gloomy day. It's surealy and album that sticks out from the masses and I would recommend fans of dark/death and at times avantgarde metal to check out this one.

If it wasn't for the Wardruna like vocals I'd give it 10/10 luckily that happens only twice for a few seconds.

Keeps you entertained throughout the whole album really and is one of those albums that grows, 'cause it happens to much to get it all at once.
Hell Yeah! This is a perfect for an autumn night or day for that matter at least for us dark twisted minds!


Lavadome Productions has one again unearthed a rare gem in the form of a full-length monument of twisted and grotesque Death Metal Art.   Channeling the power of the Ancients and spreading its nefarious message with wanton disregard for listener safety, the self-titled debut album from Denmark's APPARATUS will be released October 20, 2015 on CD format.

APPARATUS' self-titled album is a staggering piece of grotesque art on which the band employs primordial weaponry in the invasion of multiple musical territories; the result an original, dense, and thoroughly devastating journey into audio horror. The incredibly crushing dynamics of the songs and the flow of the album result in a mind-bending, soul-scarring experience. The deeper one ventures into APPARATUS' macabre realm, the more harrowing and sadistically satisfying the experience. The abyss calls, the mortal world is poisoned, and barbarous energies unleashed; leaving permanent scars, both physical and mental.  Abandon all hope ye who enter here.


Sermon I
The Unreverberate Blackness of the Abyss
Sermon II
Dissecting Temporal Dimensions to Afflict the Abyssi of Chronos
King God
Sermon III