Enshine which was well recieved in SF last time is no about to release their 2'nd album.

Rain Without End Records
18 October 2015
The international death doom metal duo of Enshine comes forward with its second effort: A dreamy, melodic, deeply atmospheric 
and yet powerful masterpiece which continues the journey to new worlds of mind and space.
Format: Classic Jewelcase w. 12 p. Booklet | 4-Panel DigiPak (lim. to 200) w. 12 p. Booklet
1. Dual Existence
2. Adrift
3. Resurgence
4. In Our Mind
5. Astarium Pt. II
6. Echoes
7. Dreamtide
8. The Final Trance
9. Apex
Total playtime: 53:27

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