Pestilence - The Dysentry Penace - Review

Pestilence was one of the leading and most influential dutch thrash bands formed in '86.
The ‘ The Dysentry Penace’ album contains both demos recorded in the late 80’s.
 First four tracks are taken from their debut demo ‘Dysentry’ from 1987. Late 1987 Pestilence recorded their second demo ‘The Penance’. It was their first recording with legendary Martin van Drunen on vocals (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets).

Bonus to the album are 2 live tracks, recorded when Pestilence played their first festival in Eibergen in Holland in 1988.

Personally I haven't listened much to Pestilence ecxept for 'Testimony Of The Ancients' which for me is a timeless classic.
Listening to this I find some cool moments & riffs now and then, but for me who mostly listened to 'Testimony Of The Ancients' this does not really appeal in the long run.
Besides it's demo releases and not much to be said really, as I've heard most tracks, for people new to Pestilence and 80's thrash in general I recommend a listen.
That being said I really enjoy some tracks 'The Dysentry Penace'offers, makes me wanna crack a beer bottle and bang my head!
Fans of Pestilence will probably embrace it as it has alot of cool tracks included,the sound is of course more raw and a great addition to the collection.
If you like 80's thrash you'll love this!

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