Seattle Space Shredders XOTH will release its debut full-length album Invasion of the Tentacube on November 10Featuring ex-members of PHALGERON, WARBRINGER, and LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, XOTH can be likened to a blend of BAL-SAGOTH, VEKTOR, ABSU, and OBSCURA! Still don't believe? Stream opening track "Tentacles of Terror" at

Invasion of the Tentacube will treat the listener to a powerful mix of brutal drumming, shredding dual guitars, slap bass, and catchy melodies, all encompassed within a dark cosmic theme. The members' musical backgrounds and personal styles of playing vary extensively, but blend into one eclectic band seamlessly. XOTH appeals not only to the aficionado of complex time signatures, key changes and melodic composition, but also to your good ol' heavy metal enthusiast; someone just looking to headbang along to some tasty licks and groovy drum and bass. XOTH is plummeting through space and into the future, ready to bring the world the Seattle Space Shred it deserves.

"Tentacles of Terror" promo video:

Track Listing:

1. Tentacles of Terror
2. Antediluvian Annihilation
3. Terramorphosis
4. Transcending the Energy Harvest
5. Invasion of the Tentacube
6. Digital Mausoleum
7. Ancient Sentient Ooze
8. Universal Death
9. Consciousness Void

In the year 2014, four musicians from different regions of North America came together in the Pacific Northwest to create XOTH, a band that captured their love of space, science fiction, Lovecraftian horror, and most importantly Shred. The band's first EP, Hostile Terraforming, was self-released in July 2014 and was immediately followed by a short West Coast tour with MOBILE DEATHCAMP.  After the success of what can only be called a   musical adventure, XOTH booked and promoted two more tours on their own, every time gaining more loyal fans who recognize their passion and genuine way of connecting with crowds on and off stage.
XOTH is:
Tyler Splurgis - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Woody Adler - Guitar & Vocals
Ben Bennett - Bass & Vocals
Jeremy Salvo - Drums

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