Antichrist Magazine is looking for writers.

Here is Alex, founder and chief editor of Antichrist magazine
portal (since 2003). First of all - this is just one-time message, so do not think you are now on some lists or newsletters.

We are looking now for additional contributors for our portal, mainly: a) album reviewers, 2) journalists (for mail/phone/skype/gigs interviews), 3) journalists and photographers for gigs coverage (gig reports, photos, live interviews etc. We are working with all major labels, so we are able to organise press-passes for journalists).

Thus if you have a time and desire, or your magazine written on your native language but you'd like to write for English speaking audience etc - get back asap, so we'll set-up some kind of good cooperation.

Antichrist magazine is a metal and rock music outlet, succesfully existing since 2003, including writers-staff from various countries.

Feel free to send all your inquiries to

Thank you so much for your attention and sorry if this was just waste of time for you ;)

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57,4% - Europe
42,6% - USA
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