SARKOM 'Anti Cosmic Art' - Review

Sarkom is out with their 4'th full-lenght Anti Cosmic Art,and it's cold black metal the oldschool style with Sarkom's personal touch to it, so old fans can still hear it's Sarkom.

 Beware for more though, more than 'just' another Sarkom album.

'Previous Associates Now As Targets For The Gun' begins fast & furious with a necrotic vocal that lasts throughout the album, but as soon as the second track 'Mind Abcess' starts I'm luckily wrong, this album isn't all about fast paced black metal, as I hear elements from more traditional rock 'n roll at a mid paced tempo.

Worth mentioning is that they have some pretty cool guest artist with them this time witch includes Pehr Skjoldhammer from ALFAHANNE, guitar virtuosos Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT, ROQUEFIRE), and Peter Huss (SHINING).


'Ruiners Of Our Family Tree' is far away from what I'd expect from Sarkom and has unique riff and not to mention guitar solo which clearly shows they are not afraid to step out of the more 'typical black metal' comfort zone.
'Seen Through The Eyes Of A Pedophile Priest'  ! Best track title in a while ! has has a weird touch to it, allthough it's pretty much straight forward black metal with spoken vocals, it has a nice twist after a while, you think the track is over and then boom, it's not.
'Come Dear Cancer' feats. Pehr Skjoldhammer from Alfahanne on vocals is a very nice track to put it that way and is progressing away from Sarkom's typical sound. Note : By 'typical' Sarkom sound I don't mean anything negative,just tomention it.
The next one 'Black Metal Necrophilia' is what it is, a more what I'd call traditional mid-paced black metal track,suddenly the coolest riff enters and one can hear clearly influences from rock 'n' roll, and it leaves me guessing : Is that Mr.Ronni Le Tekrø?.. Doing that solo/riff.
 I have no info on what tracks the various guest artists appear at so it makes me wonder in a good way.
The last track 'Sodomy and Lust' witch is a Sodom coverhas a thrashy feel to it but yet maintains the cold and eerie atmosphere of black metal and a brilliant solo and riff I'm pretty sure Mr.Tekrø is behind,
a very cool track to finish of the album with.
Does it live up to it excpectations, does it work a a piece of music and album and is it their best yet?

It start's off with a more or less typical Sarkom track and ends with : What tha fuck is this? It's just brilliant goddamnit, I want more, and you start spinning it again.
With this album Sarkom has set the bar high for todays Norwegian Black Metal.
I have said it before and here I go again, it's albums and surprises like this that get's me trough and makes me continue with Scullfucker no matter how much I want to lay it to rest 'cause of all the shitty stuff I have to listen through.

This is True Norwegian Black Metal and a Fist In The Face Of God
Tracks to mention : Listen to the whole album man, it's so worth it. 
-Gravarson Almighty

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