BLASPHEMER Enlists Ekpyrosis' Nicolò Brambilla on 2nd Guitar

Italy's BLASPHEMER have announced the addition to its ranks of Nicolò Brambilla (EKPYROSIS)  on 2nd Guitar. The band released the following statement about the new member:

"We are extremely proud to announce that the unholy trinity has found a true disciple in Hell: Nicolò Brambilla (founder member of Ekpyrosis) joined the crusade against Christianity and he's ready to summon the evil and kill that shit with us on stage, as well as on the upcoming releases. We already started the writing process and Nicolò immediately brought his old school background, which will be a strong part of our sound."

BLASPHEMER released new album Ritual Theophagy last October on Comatose Music. The album and related merchandise can be purchased at this location.

Check out the promo video for album cut "You Are Nothing" at

After six years of silence, this Italian death metal behemoth has been awakened and lashes out with inhuman technical brutality. This is Blasphemer's most evil and chaotic material to date, with their signature style of dissonant rapid fire riffs, savage multi-vocal assault, and featuring the extreme drum prowess of Darren Cesca (Incinerate & Goratory). The gates of Hell have opened unleashing a nefarious fury of malevolence and the holy light will be forever extinguished.

"Absolutely mental high grade ultra brutal death." 
- Metal Injection

"This album is not for the weak of heart." 
- Metal-Temple

"This is one of 2016's more brutal, face ripping and unrelenting releases and I recommend it to anyone looking for a complete and total devastation." 
Teeth of the Divine

"...28 minutes of ultra-technical death metal with an engine fueled by blast beats" 
- Metal-Rules
"No nonsense, straight for the throat Death Metal."
 - All About the Rock
"A good, solid and brutal work." 

"A great technical and brutal death metal band." 
- Extreme Metal Zine
"The brutality of the songs will captivate any connoisseur of the genre."
- World of Metal Radio

"Delivers an anti-Christianity musical torrent, completely set on fire, that will stick with you for a while after listening." - Broken Neck Radio


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