Dave Rotten's band FAMISHGOD release one of the finest dark death metal outputs

Dave Rotten's legendary vocals have been put to great use in his dark death metal band FAMISHGOD. I feel it's one of his most underrated bands, along with PUTREVORE. His fetid vocals are a perfect match for this kind of music. You can stream it in full on Bandcamp HERE

FAMISHGOD (Spain) - 'Roots of Darkness' 

Genre - Dark Death Metal
Release Date - December 1st, 2016
Record Label - Xtreem Music

After releasing an excellent and critically acclaimed debut, FAMISHGOD are back with an even more mature output that showcases better songwriting and flair. The original sickness that pervaded their music is present here and the whole record reverberates with it feverishly. It's what brings the music of FAMISHGOD to life. There are but too many lifeless bands playing this style of dark death metal with doom influences, but few remain genuinely convincing still. With a commanding, evil voice that goes hand in hand with the dank music, the momentum only snowballs over the course of the album, turning the output into a kind of an infernal juggernaut at whose mercy you lay haplessly. With an excellent artwork and a new logo, the image of the band is stronger than ever and gives off a fitting vibe. The music almost ends up having an atmospheric quality to it as you remain unable to listen to it and not think thoughts of darkness and gloom. 

Track list: 
1. Abyss of the Underworld 07:40
2. Bad Omen 09:17
3. Molested, Defiled, Disrupted 09:46
4. Chamber of Chaos 08:11
5. Eternal Embrace 09:02
6. Lost Language of the Dead 10:33
7. Mournful Sounds of Death 10:27

Line up: 
Dave Rotten - Vocals
Pako Deimler - All instruments

Label owner/Editor/PR head

Transcending Obscurity Records | PR Company | Online Magazine (est 2005) / 


FAMISHGOD - Abyss of the Underworld [2016]

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