The Sludgelord streams new EVER CIRCLING WOLVES album on Cimmerian Shade Recordings

Here's another excellent and singular release on Cimmerian Shade Recordings. If you enjoyed the label's release of BARBARIAN SWORDS, you should definitely check this out. The Sludgelord (UK) is streaming the entire album HERE

EVER CIRCLING WOLVES (Finland) - 'Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom ' (January 27th, 2017)

Genre - Blackened Death/Doom Metal
Release Date - January 27th, 2017
Record Label - Cimmerian Shade Recordings (US)

American label Cimmerian Shade Recordings is doing a great job uncovering some hidden gems from around the world. After BARBARIAN SWORDS, they've unleashed a similar black/death/doom metal release which surprisingly sounds markedly different with its unique expression. From Finland, EVER CIRCLING WOLVES are creating their own template of blackened death/doom. It's not aggressive as the aforementioned band but they wallow in their own atmosphere of light yet moving melodies. They create a charged up ambiance of their own where they play music that's a combination of all the genres in an attempt to create a singular sound. It's pleasant, unpredictable and refreshing. Parallels are hard to find but they seem to borrow influences from bands such as UNHOLY, ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE, DOLORIAN, SKEPTICISM, NORTT and LEVIATHAN

Line up: 
Otto Forsberg - Guitar
Henri Harell - Guitar, Vocals
Niko Karjalainen - Drums
Sami Nevala – Bass

Track list: 
1. Sunrise Has Gone 02:44
2. Coeur 08:09
3. Haunted 08:50
4. In The Trench 08:19
5. Challenger Deep 06:25
6. Deeper 05:22
7. Lenore 09:15
8. Ibn Qirtaiba 01:35
9. These Are Ashes, These Are Roots 15:22

Cimmerian Shade Recordings Bandcamp (Full Stream)

Cimmerian Shade Recordings Official Site

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