Mark Zero - Ballistica album review

Self-Release : Out Now
Mark Zero is a Swedish act who mainly live to serve us plain forward and simple heavy metal.
These guys started up in 2013 and have released a music video followed by an EP 'Alive' in 2014.
The first track doesen't really convince me, or I mean it's cool but cool enough to last for an album?

Having listened throught 'Ballistica' I can easily say that this is a band who plays straightforward heavy metal without trying to push any boundaries , just a feelgood mood and some more,  cause that's exactly what this album does to you, make you feel good , maybe pop a beer and two, bang your head and enjoy life.

So the big question , does this work as a piece of music?...
The answer is definately, 'Ballistica' is an easy, laidback album that will entertain traditional heavy metal fans.
Definately an album worth checkin' out

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