ABUSE Returns with "Nothing is Safe"

ABUSE Returns with  
Nothing is Safe
Album out May 26 on Comatose Music 


Like a sucker punch to the gut, Abuse storms back onto the death metal landscape after a lengthy sixteen year hangover. They eagerly return to do what they undoubtedly do best, shred your face and put women in their place! 

This Canadian outfit recently enlisted the inhuman skills from US skin basher Lord Marco (Neurogenic & Six Feet Under) on drums. Together they have blended the rawest ingredients of death metal, with a hint of tasteless grind, for an unforgiving cocktail of immoral brutality. 

Nothing is Safe proves that Abuse is now poised to punish those who defy and make all submit to serve their depraved desires! Pounding bitches since 1999...

A promo clip featuring album track "Pwned!" is posted at     

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