Spanish grind/death metal band NASTY SURGEONS concoct new album for Xtreem Music

Ah, the CARCASS-influenced bands. One can never really tire of them as bands continually innovate the style. The latest in the line are NASTY SURGEONS, carrying with them the dank and grimy Spanish swagger. It's phenomenal. Listen to the exciting new release HERE.

NASTY SURGEONS (Spain) - 'Exhumation Requiem' (January 15th, 2017)

Genre - Death Metal/Grindcore
Release Date - January 15th, 2017
Record Label - Xtreem Music

NASTY SURGEONS are one of the most exciting new bands around. Formed by members of MISTWEAVER and MASS BURIAL, they've hit a home run with this one straight off. While CARCASS-worship has been done to death, not to mention the gore adoration and sub-sub genre formations, this one is quite remarkable. Instead of going the splattery way, they're going in the direction of PATHOLOGIST, adopting tasteful solos, and early CARCARIASS, where they expand upon the CARCASS template. It's virtually grind meets death metal but leaning more towards the latter instead of going gory. The highlight here is the songwriting - it's superbly structured in a way that it doesn't get tiring as most bands in this style do. They don't obsess over a particular album/era of CARCASS and just prefer to do things their own way after imbibing the essence. The result is outstanding and this is easily one of the freshest sounding albums in this vein. Do not miss out on this!  

Track list: 

1. The Resurrectionists 05:18
2. The Creation of the Monstrosity 03:50
3. Human Flesh is Also Food 03:10
4. Antemortem Dissection 03:32
5. Autopsy's Protocol 03:49
6. Nasty Surgeons 05:18
7. Ode to Bad Taste 03:46
8. Burnt with Sulfuric Acid 03:46
9. Devoured Alive 04:01
10. Exhumation Requiem 03:35

Line up: 

Dr. Weaver - Guitar/Vocals
Dr. G. Navazo - Guitar
Dr. A. Ruiz - Bass
Dr. R. Mur - Drums

Label owner/Editor/PR head

Transcending Obscurity Records | PR Company | Online Magazine (est 2005)

NASTY SURGEONS - Autopsy's Protocol [2017]

Er, real nasty. 

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