Burial Oath - Beyond The Vale Of Shadowlands - Review & Info

Release date of album is April 7th 2017

This is well excecuted Black Metal the old traditional way it starts out mid-paced and has a somewhat melancholic feel to it, I'm just surfin' on the soundwaves and enjoying this brilliant piece of music, hopefully the rest of the album delievers and yes we are in for some accoustic guitar play starting of with a rather slow and sorrowful atmosphere, some brilliant guitar solos is always nice, very good melodies and overall atmpsphere. 

To me the title track 'Beyond The Vale Of Shadow lands' sounds like an epic theme and it's so damn god following up with the guitars and the musicianship here is perfect, last time i was this impressed was when Dark Funeral released their latest album in 2016. And if you don't know, that says alot! This album holds the quality of True Satanic Black Metal, melodic,oldschool,melancholy and one just drift away sometimes...
Coffin Nails enters the room and I just sit back and enjoy the album and the landscapes they build with the music, I know by now that this is an album worth waiting for and I want it on vinyl if that's possible.
Trancendant Void is a pearl in itself and spins faster and more brutal.
If I had to point out a thing it would be that it wouldn't hurt if they speeded the tempo up a bit on some places, on the other hand it works fine as it is, it's just to be picky, I have to, It's my job goddammnit! 
Deathhymn spins and I'm settled with my job and actually enjoying it.
Burial oath shall have credits for makin' it so melodic without the use of synth, just plain black metal all the way the nest track 'Søl Av Svert' is more up-tempo and make you wanna bang your head.
Nights that end like this after endless listening to all kinds of stuff and then you get served this? Just by an accident more or less, luckily I opened the mail and found out about Burial Oath and their coming album Beyond The Vale of Shadowlands

There is just one more thing to do, and that is to congratulate Burial Oath with their excellent album 'Beyond The Vale Of Shadow Lands'  an album you should check out if you're into traditional Black Metal the oldschool way with a new edge and atmosphere to it. 

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                                                               Track Listing:

1: The Ritual
2: A Graven Wintertide
3:Coffin nails
4: Søl Av Svert
5: Transcendant Void
6: Deathymn
7: Beyond The Vale Of Shadowlands
8: Womb Of Cosmic Bane

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