A Mournful Path - From The Wreckage Of Humiliation - Review & info

This is just noisy and mssey as fuck maybe it's supposed to be this way ,but for me this is total shit! Stay Away,,there are better things in life, like heroin !
Experimental shit you can die when listening to? Where is the warning label? It sounds if as Burzum which is a good band or was, has digested loads of mushroom and are on a constant downer on heroine mixed with some chaotic acid trips,stay away, jazz,progressive and etc has nothing to do in black metal sorry, it's bullshit!


 Australian Black Metal Band, A Mournful Path, are currently in pre-production stages for the debut release on Inverse Records later this year. The band plans to unleash “subterranic tri tonal augmented bone chilling hell.” It is still unclear if the release will be EP or album format. More details to be announced later.

Conceived in July 2016, A Mournful Path is the product of a long standing collaboration between brothers David and Michael Romeo. Born of a mutual love of Scandinavian Black Metal, A Mournful Path is a unique coalescence of modern black, atmospheric and death metal.

A single "From The Wreckage Of Humiliation" was released today (March 16th 2017) on all essential digital stores like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play just to name a few. It is an excellent foretaste of what's to come.

A Mournful Path is:
David Romeo: Song writing and all instruments
Michael Romeo: Words and voice


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