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Krakow is a post metal band from Bergen, Norway, “Alive” is a registration of their show at USF Verftet, Bergen, NO in 2016. From here on, I could go down the usual route. Write about the stellar performance, the original songs, the obvious influences of OM, Neurosis and the likes, the crisp and clear sound quality, why I like this one (A LOT) but I wouldn’t get the experience that this record is across. Instead, let’s try something different and hope this makes sense.  Put on this record and press play. Raise the volume. Take a deep breath. Empty your mind. Now breath out.  Let the music take you in. Don’t think about post metal, don’t think about you. Think post you and float along with the music. 

Let the dynamics of the music drift you. Keep breathing in and out. Ebb and flow where the physical meets the AEther. Your mind is a journey, your body a mere vessel riding on sonic tides. There are calm, melodic passages that showcase the intriguing aspect of minimalism, there are doom/drone passages where the music rises like a raging storm, loud and overwhelming. As your very being keeps getting rocked back and forth, realise that you are still listening to the opening track “Monolith”. There are three more tracks. Take another deep breath and sail into the mantric “Vitriol”, shorter but still very rich in dynamics. The first leg of the voyage might be over but Krakow is not stopping and you won’t get the chance to catch your breath, no sir, no ma’am! Now nod your head. Do it slowly but with vigour and determination. Continue and sail right into unknown territories. Right into the tension building track “Of Earth”.  Be in awe of its ominous, threatening atmosphere, like a sky almost gone black. Where the day becomes as dark and the air becomes as thick as dark, rich soil which births rich harvests of wheat,barley, fruit and (lots of) hemp. 
Finally, after “Of Earth” “Mound” begins to rise. Slowly but steadily it culminates the three previous tracks into one epic maelstrom. Do not fight this, do not check the time but let it take you back to the shores of the physical. Forget about my words while the four bards conclude their set and just enjoy this whirling tempest! Let the record end. Breathe in. Breath out. Press repeat.  

Release 24th. Mars 2017

- Ivo VirusWithShoes  -

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