Static Tension Recordings to release new album by death metal powerhouse TIME WALK

Static Tension Recordings has been putting out one killer release after the other. It's always a reviewer's delight to come across such promising young labels and discover a new world of music. This here is about their band TIME WALK who're playing the kind of power-packed death metal that we all heard in the '90s. Their attitude here is fresh and it's impossible to stay still while listening to their latest release, 'Beyond Eternity's Grasp'. Static Tension Recordings has scheduled the vinyl edition release on May 12th but you can already stream the awesomeness of the band HERE.

- "This band is FUCKING AWESOME" 

- "simply unbelievable" - TRVEFRYCT ZINE (Germany)

- "really powerful" - METAL BROTHERS (Spain)


TIME WALK (US) - 'Beyond Eternity's Grasp' (May 12th, 2017)

Genre - Death Metal
Release Date - May 12th, 2017
Record Label - Static Tension Recordings (US)

TIME WALK are a revelation. Both their albums are underrated and channel the '90s death metal sound with a touch of thrash and hardcore and it all snowballs into something refreshing and powerful. Their riffing prowess is seriously impressive and it just takes you back to a time when everything sounded huge and awesome. They're not trying to be too fast or flamboyant but are instead fleshing out their riffs which is bound to find appeal in listeners regardless of their metal background and experience. There's indeed a certain charm in this; after listening to all kinds of brutal and chaotic music, it's refreshing to hear something that's going back to the basics, so to speak, and focusing on excellent riffing, structure and execution than anything else. The surprising RUNEMAGICK cover at the end doesn't hurt one bit either. 

Track list: 
1. Ruinick Echoes 04:07
2. Fury Of The Sands 04:15
3. Time Heals Nothing 03:09
4. War 03:14
5. Temple Of The Forbidden 03:32
6. Enter The Realm Of Death 05:58 (RUNEMAGICK cover!) 

Line up: 
JD - Vocals/Guitar
Tyler - Guitar
Tanner - Bass
Juan - Drums


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