Double Experience - Unsaved Progress - Review

Released 8.April

Double Experience are from Canada's capital city and play melodic rock and they are good at it!
The album is actually quite easy listening and harmonic and at the same time it has some edge to it so it doesen't get too much sugar in it.

They produce great and oustanding melodies there is nothing to say about them really, nothing negative that is.

double-experience-l-r-brock-tinsley-guitar-ian-nichols-vocals-bass-photo-by-ryan-stacey-fThe album spins and I enjoy what I hear , it doesen't demand too much from the listener witch is perfect for me who has been listening to alot so all sounds the same, but this was a nice suprise, it's great and solid album..
It's mostly a great atmosphere and superb melodies and songwriting.

I have to say it's not one bad track on the album and it's rock solid and won't disapoint fans.
Go out and check the band out ,or do it here you might be surprised both ways! 9 tracks of quality rock 'n roll and a solid soundscape.


Album Line Up:

Ian Nichols (Vocals, Lyrics)

Brock Tinsley (Guitars, Bass, Lyrics)

Dafydd Cartwright (Drums)

Live Line Up:

Ian Nichols (Vocals, Bass)

Brock Tinsley (Guitars)

Dafydd Cartwright (Drums)


2016 – Unsaved Progress
2014 – 721835 – LP
2011 – One Big Quicksand – EP

Double Experience - Unsaved Progress Album Cover (medium-res)

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