Mortiis - The Great Corrupter - Review By - Gravarson_Almighy

Mortiis should be a well known name for most of you, he left Emperor in the early 90's to continue with his own project witch was more ambient . Since then he has developed his own style through out the years and built a dark and sinister world with electronic instruments and does it work as a piece of music? Yes, it's playful,entertaining and a delightful mix of rock and electronica.
The Great Corrupter contains 28 songs and alot of remixes and reworks by artist like Die Krupps, Godflesh,Apotygma Berserk to mention some and some of the tracks here could easily fit in a club, imagine walking in a gothic like club and this is the soundtrack,and it's perfect. Others are more deep,mellow,mystical and experimental.


It's not just a nice album, it's dark monotone, chaotic and perverted world and now I'm at Road To Ruin and excactly my taste, enters nicely to leave you waiting in a weird state.
One just has to respect Mortiis for the realm of electronic madness on a soft cloud of toxic waste he creates and the remixes are insanely good and out of this world, I love how it is so simple with a catchy bassline and some more to keep you going but yet so complex when it builds up

Sins Of Mine remixed by Apotygma Berzerk is a nice one with a more bright feeling and changes the mood and atmosphere totally, it's like the 70's again and we're in for a nice ride.
This is a monstertune and could easily become a classic because of it's catchy and soft theme.

The seed Of Greed is a funky tune with a groovy bassline witch enters the brain first, then it explodes into a phrenetic techno tune with similar weird lyrics that fits well into this realm we are in and I like it, I love the experimental touch that makes it what it is.
In case you didn't know, electronic music is supposed to sound 'out of this earth' like some aliens made it.

Mortiis makes a very good mix of synth-pop/rock but with plenty of experimentalism and a sound that only Mortiis creates and I'm seriously starting to think about witch vinyl version I want of this.
Hard To Believe (Rhys Fulber) remix enters and leave me hangin' in a space place and The Shining Light Of God is also a good one.

Demons are back are a rough club track with heavy guitars and loaded beats , I start wondering what the lyrics are about, sounds personal (of course) but I'll leave that up to the listener to decide.
The Ugly Truth (Je$us Loves America) is a banger with a catchy bassline and wake me up to The Great Leap (Le Prince Harry) witch is kinda like a cyberpunk tune angry and mad.
For the second time Bleed Like You is here and this is the tracks I really enjoy.
All I have to say is , give this album a chance, sit down or go in a club and really listen to it 'cause if you find the nerve of this masterpiece you'll for sure enjoy the album like I do, and I can't wait 'till I get my hands on the vinyl bundle 'cause it's truly worth it!


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