Område - Nåde_Gravarson's Thoughts on the album

Område 'Nåde' Out now.
It's hard to describe Nåde's music in few words I haven't heard their first album so this is my first time listening to Område, probably one of the weirdest band names I've ever heard.
The music is very releaxing,calm like mood and we are soon drawn into another atmpsohere with industrial elements developing.

This is in fact very entertanining as a piece of music and very interesting, it makes me want to hear more 'cause I'm eager to hear what happens next when one enter another world, you see it's a complex album but yet so easy to digest and understand ,or at least you think you know what's going on, anyways ,it's just so fine and

I'm only on the fourth track but hey it's good , it builds up and the vocals are more used.
Usually avant-garde is not my cup of tea or it depends of course, but this album makes me happy ,very happy and delightful.

The artwork on the album is also made to fit the music, how would I describe this music, synth-pop with guitars and very entertaining for the head, this is like Jazz, it plays with your head and in a fuckin' good way 'Nåde'
The impressive artwork by Jeff Grimal and Stan W Decker's layout will complete the essence of 'Nåde'

The fifth track really build it all up and it's a darn good melody, jazzy mixed with some industrial depressive material, does it make me depressive? Hell no, but it might be a good album to put on if you're depressed ,this album can surely lift you up, track number six 'The Same For The Worst' is a twisted track in many ways, starts of like some trumpet and jazzy, too jazzy for me but suddenly it all turns into something wickd but nice, damn, I had to change track, it became too much for my head to messy, but track seven 'Baldar Jainko' with it's techno and industrial influences makes it alright again, I must admit I'm quite impressed over how well it's all put together and how it blends over eachother without any hesitations.

I also have to admit that I don't listen to this kind of music normally ,but I gave this a go after hearing one track I found it exciting and the musicians should get credits for their brilliant work her, 'cause this is not easy, makin' harmony out of disorder and chaos.
Nåde is one hell of an album with fantastic melodies and a recommended one,fans of Ulver, Manes and God Is An Astronaut etc should check it out and give it a go you might be surprised... I can't say it enough times, suppport the artists you like, it's hard being an artist, and it's much more work and hours than many think, so support and buy if you like... Nuff said!

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