Atrexial - Souverain 2017 Review - GR_Almighty

This Dark and enchanting masterpiece was sent to me for review in Skullfukker Webzine , I have to say that the Devilish character on the cover draws my attention and ‘Souverain’ is my first choice... 

Well, this opens up with a Dark and brutal but yet atmospheric piece of music without using a bunch of synths . This is actually very good and entertaining and no riff or sample is left to chance here and the vocals just fits the landscape Atrexial build up perfectly. Imagine a powerful, majestic & hateful 
Dark Death metal with an aggressive approach right in your face, but does not hit you so hard that you lose your breath.. Just enough to inhale before you get another punch of the Darkest and most obscure metal I’ve heard in a while. Yes ‘Souverain’ deliver atmospheric brutality in a pure Death metal extacy that wants me to turn up the volume button to 11. 
Atrexial has with ‘Souverain’ delivered a very solid debut album that will leave a black mark in the listeners!

This is an album so Dark and majestic that You’ll forget all the christmas rush and enter another world.. Who the fuck was Christ anyway?

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