Dauden (Nor) My Soul Will Be Forever Damneed - Review

Dauden sitt bilde.

I´m not sure what to say of Dauden´s second album, I have 2 promo´s from them and they are quite good.
The first track starts off in a pretty standard way, with repitive guitar licking, actually for so long that I start wonder if there is something wrong with it.. Suddenly The first melody starts of and I´m in for someting different at least. melodic,yet brytal black metal is what one get served.
Dauden plays simple black metal and simple riffs, nothing wrong with that', but it doesen´t really reach up to the top at first track at least.
I´m not sure what to say of their use of synth, it´s actually not that bad, but it was unexpected.
At the second track Akem Manah it starts up tat the tempo it left but with an interesting riff,overall I´m not really hooked on the album the way I´m supposed to be, it´s obvious that this is a relatively young band.

Dauden simply don´t hit the nerve and it becomes boring and monotonus rather fast and I´m starting to think that I actually listen to the album, which is bad.
The 3rd track sounds like something that might can pull off as it starts, melodic intro, blended with ´cold´atmosphere and riff, the vocals is pretty good on this one, but somehow they lose the nerve within the song and the riff that follows is just annoying,overall a descent black metal track though.
The peoblem I have with this is that I have heard it all before, not that I expect new all the time, but this is so basic from the book black metal and they do not change the tempo for more than 10 seconds through the record, it´s blastbeats all the way and it reminds me of the first Marduk album, the vocals especially.
Sadly this was not what I hoped for ´cause I liked the demo´s..
My Soul Will Be Forever Damneed sadly can´t be said the same about, there is no soul & spirit present throughout the album and to compare it with something it must be a car that has lost it´s direction.

Dauden sitt bilde.

At times they are on to something good but it get´s lost in mediocre stuff and it sounds like they just put together a bunch of riffs hoping that it will work.
Where Light Touches None started out good then lost it totally, a shame really.
8 tracks of black metal I already forgot, so the conclusion is simple, if you are new to black metal this might apply, but if yiu have heard metal since the 80´s-90´s this becomes way to boring and predictable.
It´s available on CD/LP, and if you like raw black metal this might be your thing, but for me this was a one time experience. 47,17 minutes I will never get back of my life. Could be worse though...

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