Morgengrau - Blood Oracle - Review

morgengrau cover.jpgLABELUnspeakable Axe Records RELEASE22 June 2018

From Texas comes Morgengrau with their new album Blood Oracle and what first strikes me is raw and traditional yet atmospheric death metal. 
Luckily it´s not about blastbeats all the way, Morgengrau has rather focused on creating a traditional atmospheric sound that fans of Asphyx,Deicide,Pestilence, Celtic Frost and the likes will surely like.
I have to admit that even after the first track Im reallt enjoying this as it's not the typical brutal in your face metal, more like Obituary with their slow and groovy riffs but at the same time a rawness to it all few bands manage to capture this good.
"Blood Oracle is a suberb death metal album, a fist in the face of humanity and leave no room for any dead meat."
I could go on and praise Blood Oracle, but I suggest you have your mind set to June ,when this fucker is about to be releasesd.

MORGENGRAU's self-released debut. Blood Oracle is set to release on June 22, 2018 from Unspeakable Axe Records, on CD and digital platforms.  

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