Acheron (US) The Rites Of Black Mass- Words & full album listen.


Good ol' ACHERON are back with their satanic praise and do we like it?
ACHERON was founded in 1988 by vocalist/bassist/songwriter Vincent Crowley (formerly of Nocturnus). After three demos they recorded their cult debut album ‘Rites of the Black Mass’ in 1992 at Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns (Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse etc). This debut album re-issue is completely remastered by Tom Palms (Phlebotomized). Artwork and booklet are entirely restored, the booklet contains extensive liner notes  / intie by Wannes Gubbels from Pentacle  / ex Asphyx / ex Soulburn with bandleader Vincent Crowley. The 2 track promo 1990 is added as bonus.

Acheron is a band I remember from the early days but for some reason I never really checked them out back in the early days. I was like 13-14 and didn't have money to buy EVERY-thing either.It was a buch of good releases back in 88-94 especially.
I sligthly remember a 7" or a tape I had with them and that was dark satanic death/black metal, if it was official I've no idea about.

So here we are over 20 years later listening to the Church Of Satan diciples spawning straight from hell to show you what occult and dark music really is all about, it's not about being most brutal or who screams the most, it's about the atmosphere and the picture they paint to the listener as a whole, at least it is for me.

Acheron has a very calm and melodicfeel to to it still with a brutal approach at times with religious breaks containing harmonic organ that makes the horned one raise up right behind you and it's like being drawn into a Church Of Satan ritual in a good way, and it's good that some stick to their roots & traditions and not like everyone else who converts to vikings/heathens/punkers etc along the way and stick to the true old fashioned black metal with satanic-dark and occult lyrics.

The vocals are dark and powerful that you might think sound more like death metal, and maybe that's the case, but before it used to be the lyrics which decided if it was black or death metal, so you can take a guess what ACHERON with their powerful satanic message and back to the roots BLACK metal, yes! as long as the lyrics deal with Satanism it's black metal. Alot of bands use satanic lyrics to sell or other reasons but ACHERON has always been the real deal, I went through some old fanzines from 91-92 and I'm pretty sure I remember they representeted COS ,and pretty sure they still do 'cause this is the real deal and that clearly reflects in the music, they create that dark feeling I used to get as a 13-14 year old and was the reason I was drawn into the darker and more satanic side of metal.
When I listen to it, it's like I regret not buying this when it first arrived 'cause I know I would have loved it even more , but still .. This is a epic piece of blachistory and should definately be checked out no matter if you're a black or death metaler or whatever . I think this timeless classic will please many and maybe young bands will learn that it's not all about the blasts.

If someone would ask me about an album that uses synth/organ and does it wisely without sounding cheesy, The Rites Of The Black Mass is the album which is a perfect example of just that. If you think that's cheesy.. Well,fuck you then, you need a mouthwash 'cause you stink.. Yeah,cheese doodles & grandma sauce a ha ha ha haaa, funny ay?...

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