Humanity's End - Between Life & Death - Review & Full album listen

Humanity's End started recording in 2017 simply to create good music , which in this case is death metal.
They ended up with a 5 track album/ep 'Between Life & Death' which has already been praised
in the Scullfucker camp.

It was a totaly DIY project and was released 01-01-18 if I'm correct.
The result is actually very good technical death metal played moslty mid-paced tempo with sudden changes.
Groovy death metal with cool riffs and a laidback, lurking atmosphere as gar as that is possible within death metal, more or less impossible not to bang my head to this one and the guitar solos are so lovely old schoolish it almost make me smile, just almost... I never smile.
An excellent dish of stenching & rotting death metal is what you get here, enjoy it while it's still cold.

Support Humanity's End by visiting their bandcamp page , fb page or whatever, I think band that have that extra will to do it all by themselves deserves some recognition and support, and Gravarson totally support this fine act do you?...

All 5 track available for listen below or visit their bandpage for more info, this is their debut and their are currently writing new material and we look forward.

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