Mortiis - Perfectly Defect Re-Release 2018 - Review

Mortiis surprises (me) with this release as I've never heard these remixes and they were only sold at some shows around 2002 if I remeber correctly and was completeley sould out.
We luckily all can take a part of it now.

Anyway what you get here is industruial sounding techno, that's the first word I think of, noise,chaos,disharmony & cool basslines it's all here designed to fuck with your head and leave it behind in a "good" way if you like.

I can't find the 'press release' mail or section but I guess this is a bunch of remixes by known and unknown electronic artists and does that work with Mortiis tunes? Yes, just listen to his latest masterpiece of remixes.
Of course you may think this is some old shit why would I want that? As for me techno has always been timeless and I do not have one electronic record that actually says the year, I've always wondered why,now I see..
I think this is a good time to re-release this as a follow up to the remix vinyls released recently, especially for me as fan who had never heard this before this was a cool surprise and if you like artists like Orbital,Leftfield,The Prodigy,Chemical Brothers and the likes and maybe even more industrial, this one is for you.

Oldschool beats with breakbeats and cool bass/noise lines made with machines.. Not many people make this kinda music in todays commercial industry so it's really fun to step into this total electronic landscape and what it builds up to is all up to the listener.. I'm not gonna write a story here, techno freaks,industrial people and ravers and also people in general who like electronic rock/noise should give this a go as it entertains your head in a way that mostly jazz does, working with the mind and not leave it hanging for food without soul.
If you are a fan of Motiis industrial stuff you'll love this, if not give it a try , it won't hurt.


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