Acârash - In Chaos Becrowned - Review By Ivo_G

 LABELDark Essence Records  
 RELEASE8 June 2018

Obscure title, slightly pretentious title... Initially I was
curious about Norwegian Acârash latest album “In Chaos
The first song “Cadaver Dei” does start off promising. A
traditional mix between doom, black and death metal. Nothing
original but just because a concept is not original doesn’t mean
that the music is too. So, I was pretty happy with the opening

“Shadows Roam” is cool too, same style, even seems to have the
same pace, but the band builds up to a nice climax.
“Gathering of Crows” is... Actually more of the same. More doom-y
but it sounds like the B-side to “Shadows Roam” which sounded
like a B-side to “Cadaver Dei”. And its follow-up, the title
track, sounds like the B-side to “Gathering of Crows”.

Twice however does the band seem to stray away from its formula:
“Legio Obscure” picks up the pace a bit and delivers some much
needed variation and “Cenotaph in Flesh” is even a relatively
epic banger. The other remain tracks... Let’s just say that once
you’ve heard “Cadaver Dei” and “Gathering of Crows” you’ve heard

Nothing is awful on this record, the band sounds good and can
build to a climax, but everything is just so bland. Like a
cooked potato without salt. Now, to each his own and if you like
potato metal, all the better for you but if it was truly awful
it would done something to me (gastric acid or uncontrollable
laughter) but now I’m getting bored with it. There could be
potential here, after all the band itself is not bad and the
songs are not awful, but perhaps Acârash should have spend a few
more months writing and rehearsing.
Po-tay-to, po-tah-to or Acârash, you decide here,

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