Noen Hater Oss (Norway) S/T 2018 - Album Stream & Review

This is a totally new experience for me and I have no knowledge of the band exept that they hail from Stavanger a city in Norway. It is a project by Christer Amundsen.
Noen Hater Oss means 'Somebody Hates Us' in English. The rest of the lyrics would take too long to translate.

 First track is froom their 2016 release I didn't know existed, be sure to check that out to , some insanely good stuff here :

Bilderesultat for noen hater oss

It's starts off with an accoustic intro followed by what I call true norwegian black metal. The reason why I say that it's cause it has that genuine Norwegian melancholy and dakrness to it, very powerful and hateful black metal the way it's suppossed to be done. Still done in an majestetic an atmpshperic way which can only be captured by Norwegian bands that has this gloomy atmosphere surrounding us. Or the nothern part of Europe if you may like.

This is not any half hearted project, it takes you by storm, and as an Norwegian I can listen to the lyrics which helps but nowhere near essential cause the music speaks for itself, if you take Darkthrone's - Total Death album , Satyricon's DMT mixed with Urgehal anno 2006 you may get a sense of the rawness of this I dare to already call 'Noen Hater Oss' an underground masterpiece, as it's finally black metal with some fuckin attitude and probably doesen't give a fuck if they are being hated for their art. Which was what black metal was all about,, not giving a fuck and daring to state your opnions and be proud of it, and that is exactly what these guys do.

Stavanger has always been equal with quality for me with bands such as Gehenna,etc , do I need to say more? 
There are 7 tracks on this album an not one of 'em are bad, they provoke the proud and pure essence of Norwegian grimness that few bands capture and this is not something I'm just saying, I randomly discovered the band due to an aquntance and the band has no idea I'm writing this. I just couldn't let such a masterpiece go by unheard.
This is like a mind trip back to the glory days days of old times but blended with the hatre and aggression of today. A wonderful trip to the glorious days of Noregian black metal at it's best

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1) Det Var en Gang (intro)
2) Om Natt og Tåke 
 3) Vetter 
4) Blodslinjer 
5) For Fanden og Fedreland 
6) De Kalde de Døde 
7) Om Torner og Tro 
8) Hvil i Fred Norge

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