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Witchgöat -- “Umbra Regit” (Demo)
Witchgoat is a eastern band worshipping the oldschool brutal but at the same melodic pure black metal without synth.
I have to say this 3 track demo Umbra Regit drew my attention pretty fast and I enjoyed the riffs and structure from first listen.
The sound fits the bands soubdscape Perfect and knowing this is a demo I can't wait to hear the full album.
I have to credit the band for blending excelent musicianship and the guitarist is on fire With the wicked but very fitting riffs.
This is a Power demonstration from Withgoat , the first track was brutal,raw but yet melodic and brought me back to the 80's black metal like Tormentor,Nifelheim and the likes.
The demo finishes of With some Nice quitarwork.
I don't know what more to say that this is a piece of black metal art how it's done the oldschool way, but still so listenable to fans today.
It's too bad I can¨t shar this With you guys as it's really good and if the Whole album continues like this it's a killer one.

Release Date 31. July 2018


In the mid-2016, veteran Salvadorian guitarist P. Scyther started composing music with the idea of erecting a black/thrash metal project that would carry off the effervescence of old school European and Latin American thrash metal, the brutality and the precariousness of the 80s extreme metal, and the melodic ideas of the 90s blackened death metal. Thus, the expedition of conjuring a raw and bona fide old-school sound that is out of any technological refinements had begun. In the beginning of 2017, the drummer E. Driller had become a part of this deadly project and the recording process started immediately under the moniker of WITCHGÖAT. The missing limbs of the ensemble appeared in the middle of 2017 when M. Miasma brought his vomitory vocalizations and creativity and recruited the devoted bass player C. Fog. Since then, this unholy alliance has kept framing mephitic tunes for the debut offering, which they are hoping to produce in the second half of 2018. First demo tape “Umbra Regit” — a ten-plus-minute exhibition of profound malignancy and unstoppable demolition — will be released under the flag of MORBID SKULL RECORDS on July 31, 2018 as a prelude to the debut full length album.
“Umbra Regit” demo tapes, limited to 20 Black Shells + 13 White Shells Stained with Putrid Blood, were sold out immediately upon issuing the pre-order.
M. Miasma: Vocals
P. Scyther: Guitars
C. Fog:  Bass
E. Driller: Drums
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