How did you come up with the name Viðr & what does it mean? To those who don't know..

-The name Viðr originally comes from my intense passion and sense of belonging to nature.
I have always felt most at home when i`m surrounded in nature.
And it gives me an intense feeling of strength,wisdom and honor.
The mysticism is something i wanted so i kept it simple and pure.
Also as i`m a Norwegian guy part of my heritage if you will (norse to icelandic) is the ð which derives from icelandic and stands for the english th. Even eth in old enlgish( middleage).
Viðr also deals with the fact that nature is the only force that is uncontrollable. Raw and honest. Hence the saying "force of nature". So f.e. folklore is a good way to use symbolism in that way.
Viðr means tree, wood or forest.

For how long have you been playing together as a band,since I know some of the members have other projects aswell...

-We have been playing together for approximately a year now (Impressive considering the outcome. Ed).
Yes that`s true. The other guys have at least one other project they are working on.

Is Vithr a "full-time" band whitch you lay all your effort in or do you see it as a side project?
-Yes! Vithr is definitely a full time band and all of my focus music and lyric wise goes into the band.
Also the rest of the guys have the same attitude that this is something to be done wholeheartedly and we are all very dedicated to our art.

By now you have some excellent demo tracks on myspace.. How has the responce been.. Any label showed interest?

-Thank you for that. Actually this is the beginning of our fullength which we will record in may 2011. Together with Bj¯rnar E. Nilsen at Conclave and Earshot studios. The respone has been great and we are very thankful for that. Any response is a good response. Yes we have a label that is interested,but i do not wish to disclose that information until the contract is signed. Any news on that note will be posted on our myspace.
5. What are the future plans for Vithr,can we expect any gigs?

We want to play live as much as we can in the future. With our first gig the 14 of april this year.
As mentioned before the fullength will be recorded may this year and is expected released 2012.

They have now played 3 gigs as far as I know,the latest one was with Taake at Hulen,Bergen. If you have the chance to see this band live don't miss it . (ed)

Cheers Kuldegys

Duplicate records have now signed this promising act,so stay tuned! (ed)
Be sure to visit : for latest updates!

Latest update  Vithr has now released "Hedensk Skikk Og Tro"  
.Hear the preview here :
Order your copy now at : Demonhood Productions


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