Websites worth checking out!

Duplicate Records

A very dedicated label/distribution ran and founded by one man.
Nice label and most important,good and friendly service,fast shipping.
Einar,the man behind this surely knows his music and has an ear for quality.
Just check out the releases so far and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Not afraid to gamble on new underground bands and through the years I've discovered
You will also find a lot of alternative releases & hard to get elsewhere stuff here.
They've released great acts such as Eljudner,Beyond Dawn,Universe 217,Lydia Laska & Inferno to name a few.
Now Demonhood Productions is started as well and has released great acts Vithr,Vetter and more.
I got a sampler from them last year,here you'll find almost every genre there is in metal more or less.

Duplicate Records

Grimface is a underground distribution company residing in Norway.
They have an excellent variety of items in stock,t-shirts,second hand,rarities etc.
Well worth checking out!!

No Posers.. Is a distro/label mostly concentrating on(ly) vinyl (is real) !
They have a huge variety in stock especially 7", 10" an lots of underground fanzines at a very cheap price!
Friendly service & fast shipping if you're not a poser!
They even have a "Rip Off Warning" with pictures & addresses & more info,which is kinda cool.
Take a look and you might just find some interesting stuff!!

No Posers Please!

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