Hellish Outcast - Your God Will Bleed - Promo 2012

Transcend Music Release: 1 April 2012

The Norwegian thrash/death band Hellish outcast hailing from Bergen/Norway who started up in 2001 has now delivered their long-awaited debut "Your God Will Bleed".
After releasing the EP "Raping - Killing - Murder witch was a taste of what we could expect in the future.
On "Your Good Will Bleed" they recruited Thebon (Keep Of Kalessin) who joined the band on vocals in 2010.
I have to say that already on the opening track "The View So Disgusting" I can already feel that they lived up to the expectations I've had since the EP.
What they deliver on this new opus is very brutal & massive metal, at times epic melodies.
Lyrically they follow in the veins of "Raping - Killing - Murder" in other words modern warfare,politics,religious hypocrites.
They get a lot of credits from me for the way they combine the brutal energy witch surrounds the whole album with a bit more melodic parts without exaggerating it.
They don't save any gunpowder here,thats's for sure!
Brilliant tunes or instant classics if you like comes regularly out of my stereo all the way as the record is spinning and I find it hard to not tap my feet & bang my head.
It's extremely cathy tunes and a very intense drive throughout the whole album that makes me want to hear more & more.
Tracks to mention are "Genocide" & "Ten Times Stronger" witch is a good example of what these guys is capable of at their best!
"Your God Will Bleed" is one of those albums that reminds me why I bother to review albums.
A masterpiece definitely worth to checking out and buy! You won't regret it!

   "Musically, we've stayed true to our nature - always trying to push the limits of what is healthy aggression. To combine pure Norwegian brutality with the fine British steel of Transcend Music is a venture we've been looking forward to!" says drummer Mads, aka 'Alkolust'.
"...Your ears will bleed" promises vocalist and frontman Thebon...

..."and If it's too heavy for ya" concludes Alkolust, "fuck off!!"

Thebon - vocals (Keep of Kalessin) | Alkolust - drums (BYFROST) | Max Morbid - bass (BREED) | Martin Legreid - guitars (66 Crusher)

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