Mabuse - ´Stench Of Death´ Demo2012

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Stench of Death-tape:
1. Crushing Death Strike
2. Dr. Mabuse
3. Dentist Death

Recorded and mixed in January 2012 by Andreas Hagen in The Mindmade Moonlit Passage

Pre-order the demo from jbe1988 at gmail dot com (leave full name/adress/etc). Oslo residents can pick it up personally from Jonas from around February 25th.
Price: 30 NOK / 4 EURO (+ shipping costs).
released 31 January 2012
Jonas - Rhythm/lead guitar, bass & vocals
Andreas - Drums, lead guitar & vocals
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A good demo well worth buying considering these guys actually printed it on tape,the sound quality is overall good & fits the music witch is death/thrash the old school way. I like the raw atmosphere of this demo.
The vocals are not the standard growling/screaming of today,but reminds more about early death/trash/speed bands.
It' nothing new here really but if you're looking for good music look no further!!..

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