Skygge - Heksekunst Demo 2012

Skygge "Heksekunst" Demo 2012

Tracks "Nattens Juvel,Heksekunst, Knokkelkraft"

Skygge is a new band hailing from Bergen/Norway breathed to life by Skyggemester (Vithr) handling all the instruments while Daudblodr (Gandreid) do the vocals.
They play what I would call straight forward black metal with some melodical influences. That beeing said they manage to create some top notch black metal with very good melodies without the use of synth!
The production is overall very good and creates a dark but beautiful athmosphere along with the music.

While listening to this it's like I'm going into another world or something , kinda like Throne Of Katharsis also manage to do.
I'm also quite impressed by the guitar work here and especially the slower parts makes more edge to the tracks. If they had kept the the tempo up all the way it could easily become boring,but he surely knows what he's doing so nothing is left to chance here.
Daudblodr has done a good job on this one,sick vocals that fits the music very well.

This band certainly proves that there is still possible find excellent black metal anno 2012.
And even though the main man behind this also plays in Vithr there is no similarities.
I can't predict the future, but it's clearly Skygge has a great future ahead!


Click the link below to listen :

Skygge Bergen

Skygge will release their debut album entitled 'Knokkelkraft' through Naturmacht Porductions 6.December 2012

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