Everos - Descensus Ad Inferos

Erevos (Greece) ¨Descensus Ad Inferos¨

Produced By Dan Swano in Unisound Studios 2011

The Greek black metalers Everos formed in 2004 have now delivered their debut album after some demos & ep's.
First of all I have to give them credits for a nice cover!
As it starts spinning the melodies builds up sotly towards a more aggresive touch. When I listen further I notice they have some thrashy guitar riffs at times luckily or else it would be boring pretty soon since the synth dominates most tracks..
They create a mystical dark athmospere when it comes to the use of synth ,whitch is used alot here,and there is no doubt that synth is one of the main instruments here. Reminds at times very much about early Cradle Of Filth,Rotting Christ...
It's kinda weird how some of the tracks change from synth based metal to more ¨brutal¨ thrash at moments & suddenly I'm in for some growling insted of the high pitched vocals.
¨Descensus Ad Inferos¨ sureley has it's moments. The sound is very good & the album overall is well produced.
If you like melodic black metal you should check it out.
Everos has have played with Mayhem,Satyricon, Gehenna,Necrodeath,Archon Infaustus, and many more, plus a tour in France and live shows abroad. Now the band is preparing for live shows in Greece and abroad, for the promotion of their album.

Tracks to mention here are ´Kerveros¨ & ´Grotesque Blasphemy (Slaughter Pt. 1)´

---------> Take a listen here!

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