Brume d'Automne - Brume d'Automne

Brume d'Automne is: Athros : Guitars, bass, drums Nordet : Guitars, vocals
Release date : 12 /06/2012 on SEPULCHRAL PRODUCTION
This Canadian band witch means Autumn Mist in English is new to me even though they started up in 2003. They have one full length "Fiers et Victorieux" 2 splits & and a demo behind them. I have never heard any of it so I 've got nothing to compare to,( not that this band can be compared to anyone else than themselves )but the first thing that strikes me is the sound witch is raw & suits the music well. It's somewhat chaotic in a good way,like listening to a live record. There are some good riffs in here & sometimes synth to make it even better. It's mostly raw black metal with you get here with harsh & ugly vocals as it should be! I have to admit that the more I listen to this record the better it gets,it's so far away from what you hear everyday & I really enjoy the "live" sounding tracks,it sounds like they went in studio and just recorded it all in one take almost. And by all means yes! This is a very good release if you get used to the raw & ugly sound you'll hear some beautiful compositions along the way. These guys knows how to make their metal raw as fuck and at the same time very listenable. The only negative thing about this is the folkish elements & singing witch don't fit in at all in my opinion & the vocals is a bit over-used & at times annoying at times. If you're not familiar with this band I advice you to check 'em out as they are on to something unique going on and as said is not comparable to any other band I've heard!
Tracklist :
Tels des Béliers Traditionnelle 4 L'esprit du Courant Rouge Souvenir d'Antan Le Lieu de la Vengeance Moé, j'me Souviens! Saint Eustache - Traditionnelle 5 Quand les Corbeaux Crient leur Hain

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