The by now established band in the metal scene Arvas is now preparing their second cd.
3 years after the debut "Ad Satanas Noctum..." whitch didn't quite get the attention it deserved considering it was 
a great debut album. Even though the main musicians are experienced & have been into the music scene for years. 

V-Rex is the engine behind it all and Fordervelse does the drums.
There has been several members in and out,but it seems like the mentioned ones are the permanent members.

I decided to have a talk with the main man V-Rex about the new album & the future.

You have now recorded your 2nd album,what can we expect & is there any working title so far?

-Well the music is quite different compared to the first album, obviously because we have developed even more over these three years both as musicians and myself as composer. Like the last album all songs are made in good advance before even planning any recordings of the songs.. 

These new songs are made right after the release of  the ''Blessed'' album. I made a pre production and that was it, they are all composed within a weeks time, and I haven't really been listening to these songs since I did the pre prod. 

The main difference from the last album is that the music is more catchy and very intense and fast, there are alot of different influences from the eighties thrash era etc. 

So this time the press will have something to compare us to, on the ''Blessed' Album where they couldn't. 

At the same time this is something unique in the genre and there are no bands in Norway who plays this kind of metal today, so hopefully fans of the genre will like this. 

The Working title now is ''Upon A Throne Of Satanic Worship''

I know you've had several members during the career,who contributes on this record,is it only you and Fordervelse?

- There has been some line up changes over the years now for sure, but they were only live members and not permanently involved in Arvas in any other way. 

This time we have a new live line up, and this time they all are playing on the album. So it has been pretty exiting having the whole band feeling again. 

But as always, me and fordervelse are the only permanent fulltime members in Arvas.

Did the recording process go as planned?

- Yes, all has been going as planned, however some delays in the process and unexpected problems has occured though.

One thing I've always wondered ,does the name Arvas mean anything special,how did you come up with it?

- The name does not mean anything at all, I just came up with the name and liked the sound of it and that's it really.

Do you have any plans to promote the new album with gigs,have you found a steady line up to play live?

- We are going to do some gigs as soon as the album is released, when and where is not quite confirmed yet.

Is all the material written by you,or does the other members contribute with something?

- All the material is as usual composed by me, and me alone. Fordervelse has arranged the drum tracks.

Nowadays when arists earn less money since the internet came & all along with it, what motivates you to continue your work?

- Motivation comes from our fans and those who appreciate what we do. We are nothing without them, this is all for the fans.

What's you favorite/most memorable highlight during the career?

You also do the vocals on the excellent swedish act Dødsfall witch is soon available with their second album,
can you tell us a bit about that?

- Dødsfall is a project I do vocals for and I really like the music the main man is creating, it is fresh and inspiring to work with. 
I only write lyrics and sings. It is always interesting and positive for an artist to work with different projects beside any main band. 

Cheers V-Rex.

Thank you for the good answers & good luck with the band & projects in the future!

Arvas will play live in Drammen Norway 22.07.12 Click HERE for more info


Be sure to check out Arvas at  Facebook

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